Rose Aijing

Rose two weeks before she passed away.

Rose Aijing Eber: May 9th, 2011 – October 17th 2013

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Rose’s Final Days: Monday, October 14th, 2013
Rose’s Final Days: Tuesday, October 15th, 2013
Rose’s Final Days: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Rose’s Final Days: Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Rose Aijing Eber was born on May 9th, 2011 as Zhou Ai Jing.  She was abandoned at one month of age and entered into the city orphanage in Zhengzhou, China.   Diagnosed with severe congenital heart disease, she struggled to stay healthy and thrive under the care of her nannies.  In August, 2012, she was officially up for adoption.  Because she did not match the special needs profile of any families currently in the adoption process, she was listed on the Special Needs Waiting Child List with an adoption agency called CCAI (Chinese Children Adoption, International).

Several months before Ai Jing was listed for adoption, God intervened in the life of the Eber family.  The Ebers were in the process of adopting their older Chinese daughter, Pearl, when something totally unexpected happened.  The agency they began the process with was suspended by China, and they changed agencies to CCAI.  Jen saw Ai Jing’s photo on CCAI’s website, and as crazy as it seemed, she knew God wanted them to adopt this little one, too.  She put their names on the waiting list to view Ai Jing’s file, but didn’t expect to ever hear anything back because there were over 30 families waiting to consider Ai Jing for adoption. Jen obsessively checked the website to see if this little heart baby’s picture had “My Family Has Found Me!” listed underneath her photo.

For almost four weeks, the Ebers waited to hear something about Ai Jing.  Finally, on a Friday evening in September 2012, they received a call saying that Ai Jing’s file was available for viewing.  Jen’s heart jumped out of her chest, but Mike was 100% convinced that he did not want to adopt her.  Over the next few days, God revealed to Mike that Ai Jing was supposed to be their daughter, and the Ebers decided to say YES!

On December 25th, 2012 (Christmas Day!!!), Zhou Ai Jing officially became Rose Aijng Eber.   Rose was named after her bigger sister, Stella Rose, who passed away at 5 days of age in October of 2010.   One day, while eating lunch at Bar-b-Cutie, the Ebers’ oldest son, Ely, said, “When we adopt another girl, can we name her Rose?”  Jen knew when she first saw Ai Jing’s face that “she was their Rose.”

Rose enjoyed almost 10 beautiful months with her forever family.  She absolutely loved her older brothers, Ely and Milo, and her younger brother, Finn, who is only six months younger than her.  She adored her Chinese sister, Pearl, who was adopted at the same time she was.  She learned to love her Mommy and Daddy (who loved her to pieces) and to trust that they were never going to leave her.

Rose truly lived during her time with the Ebers, experiencing many firsts: her first baby doll, first blanket, first foods, first time at church, first Easter egg hunt, first time at the beach, first time on an amusement park ride, first time in a pool, first time picking apples, first time riding a horse, and many, many more firsts.

On Monday, October 14th, after eating her first Moon Pie while happily flapping her arms and squealing for more, Rose began crying and throwing up saliva and mucous.  Her Daddy quickly took her to the ER where she was misdiagnosed with a stomach virus until her condition became so acute that she was rushed into emergency surgery at Egleston.  The surgeons determined that her stomach had twisted and perforated.  This twisting, called volvulus, is a horrible uncaught effect of stomach malrotation, which often happens with children like Rose who have Heterotaxy syndrome. During surgery, she went into cardiac arrest.  For three days, the doctors tried everything in their arsenal to bring her back, but the Lord had taken her home.

Aijing, in Chinese, means “a lovely view.”  Sweet little Rose certainly has a lovely view now.  Ten months ago, she joined her forever family, and now she’s living in her forever home.

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